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Join us on Saturday
Worship Services:
11:00 am

Sabbath School Classes! (9:45 am)

Cloverdale Seventh-day Adventist Church is intentional about making each worship service God-honoring and inspiring!


We want each worship service to be a natural outgrowth of connecting with God.  In working toward this aim, we strive for authenticity, for we worship God when we are honest and sincere.


Quality in all aspects of the worship service is important as well.  Whether it is the music, sermon, kid's connection, introduction, or prayer, it should be well planned. We believe that valuing quality removes distractions from the worship experience. It also shows honor for the God we worship.


No two Sabbaths are the same at Cloverdale because we have various praise teams, participants, and different themes throughout the year. This variety creates an environment of anticipation and engagement for people of all ages and backgrounds. Sermon series are common and special features may appear at any given worship service.


These three characteristics of authenticity, quality, and variety define Cloverdale worships.  We invite you to come as you are and worship with us!


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