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Cloverdale Ministries

At Cloverdale, we are known for having robust ministries.  We would love to have you join us in our intentional passion for blessing our community.  Please peruse the different ministries we offer.  If you feel passionate about something we do not currently offer...let us know.  We are always excited and ready to support someone in their ministry journey!  Ready...let's go!

Reaching Out To Friends

Donation Center

We all need friends, right?  There is no better way to develop new and exciting friendships than to join a ministry that reaches out to friends.  Let's begin by getting out of our comfort zone and serving others.  This is a super simple way to build life-long relationships.  Just click on the links below and get ready to make a difference in the lives of others!

Backpack Ministry

CARS Ministry

Helping the Homeless

HUB365 Thrift Store & Food Bank

Connecting With Family

Family Portrait

Are you a family person?  Do you enjoy roasting marshmallows over the fire?  Do you enjoy coaching a youth soccer team?  If the answer is yes, then this ministry is for you!  Click on the links to learn more.  Of course you just say YES!

Kid's Ministries

Youth Ministries

Women's Ministries

Men's Ministries

Family Ministries

Growing In The Spirit

Teen Prayer Group

Do you have a burning desire to grow spiritually?  Are you sensing the Holy Spirit tugging at your heart to do more?  Are you a teacher at heart?  I know this could be way out of your comfort zone, but God's calling mandates that we be stretched.  Are you ready to challenge yourself in a new direction?  One of these ministries is for you!

InWordOut Bible Training

Prayer Meeting

Sabbath School Classes


Sharing Christ's Love

Christian Booklet

Have you ever discovered your unique spiritual gift?  Don't you love the cool factor of reconnecting with old friends?  Does getting together in small groups just to hang out and pray really get you going?  Oh and before I about being a person of influence?  Nailed it, right?  One of these ministries is for you!  Click on the links below and let's go!

Disciples Making Disciples

Prayer Connect Ministry

Reconnecting Ministries

Spiritual Gifts Seminars

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