The Cloverdale Seventh-day Adventist Church family aspires to do four things really well in service to Jesus and in preparation for His soon return!

  • Live as an authentic Christianity community that values the life of every person. 

  • Organize the church life so that every age group has opportunity to grow in their knowledge of the Scriptures and their love for Jesus.

  • Place people in energizing ministries that fit their God-given gifts for a kingdom impact.

  • Provide support for the church and the community through trials and challenges.



As a means to helping people deepen their relationship with God, we teach Seventh-day Adventist beliefs. 


Seventh-day Adventists hold to no authority outside of Scripture as a basis for doctrine. Therefore, the world-church has resisted voting a formalized creed. Yet, for purposes of communication with those unfamiliar with the Adventist movement, the world-church has drafted a list of 28 points of belief commonly held among Seventh-day Adventist members.


Click here to view that list on our world-church website.


Please join us in praying that we can continue to grow into our mission for the sake of our community and God's kingdom.

Join the Cloverdale family today!