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The Heart of Cloverdale

As beautiful and unique as the Cloverdale campus is with it's 25 acres of open space, world-class gymnasium, modern school facility, and incredible sanctuary, you will not discover the greatest aspect of this place until you come and experience the people!


The Cloverdale church family is an incredibly loving group of Christian believers who are seeking a closer walk with God.  We invite you to come and experience it for yourself.  We will be blessed by your presence!  

What we Believe

As a means to helping people deepen their relationship with God, we teach Seventh-day Adventist beliefs.

Seventh-day Adventists believe there is no authority outside of Scripture, as a basis for doctrine.  Because of this belief, the world-church has intentionally chosen not to vote on formalizing a creed.  However, for purposes of communicating with individuals unfamiliar with the Adventist movement...the world-church has drafted a list of 28 points of belief commonly held among Seventh-day Adventist members.  Click below to view that list on our world-church website.

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