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The Great ReSet


Life’s throwing a lot at us right now – high prices, disasters, and just struggling to keeping kids safe.

In the midst of rapidly changing times, you can have incredible certainty about the future, and it is filled with HOPE!

For ONE WEEK, join us on a spiritual RESET—short evening gatherings with an uplifting, life-changing
biblical message while your kids enjoy activities and programing of their own—same time, same place.
The GREAT RESET live event begins
April 28 at Cloverdale. 

Begins Friday, April 28th
Start Time: 7pm


If you are finding it difficult to navigate life's challenges,

we have resources in place that can bridge the gap. 

Whether it is food, clothing or just a shoulder to lean

on, click on the link below to learn more about

how we can help.

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