The Cloverdale Seventh-day Adventist church aspires to be the BIG TENT, which we define as a contagious community that draws people from all walks of life into a deeper relationship with God.


As we work toward this goal, we think of it as a four-phased discipleship path:

  1. Points of contact with the community. These include a wide-range of public interest events, service projects, and life-betterment classes.

  2. Paths to engagement for those who want to explore further. These include Bible classes, small groups, and the like.

  3. Spiritual nurture for those who find their spiritual home within our church. This includes our Sabbath class studies, midweek study, and worship services.

  4. Social support for those who are part of our family. This includes a wide array of social events for all ages.

As a means to helping people deepen their relationship with God, we teach Seventh-day Adventist beliefs. Seventh-day Adventists hold to no authority outside of Scripture as a basis for doctrine. Therefore, the world-church has resisted voting a formalized creed. Yet, for purposes of communication with those unfamiliar with the Adventist movement, the world-church has drafted a list of 28 points of belief commonly held among Seventh-day Adventist members. Click here to view that list on our world-church website.


Please join us in praying that we can continue to grow into our mission for the sake of our community and God's kingdom. And, consider joining the team!



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