It feels good to be part of something bigger than yourself. That may be why you find yourself on this page. The Cloverdale church has a long tradition of working together to do big things. It seems like that old spirit is stronger than ever, as we continue to dream of big plans for our church and our community.

Currently our top five financial priorities are as follows:

  1. Pay off the remaining $160,000 of the mortgage on the gym. Clearing this out of the way will give us the freedom to invest in some projects that we need to facilitate growth.
  2. Meet church budget in order to fund the various basic church ministries that it supports.
  3. Raise funds for the sanctuary upgrade, which includes a balcony, new classrooms, a children's worship training room, sanctuary lighting, sanctuary speakers, and stage expansion.
  4. Raise funds to add spotlights on the front lawn so that the church is visible at night.
  5. Continue to maintain a generous worthy student fund so that we can invest in every kid who wants to attend Boise Valley Adventist School.

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