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Combined Budget Received 2007


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Where does my tithe go?
Within the Seventh-day Adventist Church tithe is received by the local church and sent on to the local conference office as the primary site for distribution and use of tithe funds in keeping with Church Policy. That policy is set by the World Church as to how tithe funds will be used. While the distribution percentages vary somewhat in different conferences, the largest portion of the tithe is used to fund the ministry of local churches through pastoral salaries, as well as evangelism and additional services provided to the local church. The rest goes on to benefit the World SDA Church in spreading the Gospel.
Tithe is not used to pay for any local expenses related to the physical church building, grounds, secretaries, or projects. Tithe is not used to support our school.
Who pays the Electric bill?
Our local church has a budget that is approved each year, called the Combined Budget. It includes all utilities, secretarial salaries, office expenses, property and grounds expenses, church ministries, subsidy for our school, worthy student funds, and other expenses. Offerings are collected twice monthly during church for this budget, and many people contribute a percentage of their income regularly in keeping with a Personal Giving Plan.
Personal giving plan page:
What is the Capital Campaign?
You may see a line on your tithe envelope for Capital Campaign. Monies donated for the Capital Campaign go directly towards paying our monthly loan payment for the BVAS gym. We have a loan from the North Pacific Union with an approximate current balance of $740,000. All donations marked Capital Campaign, or Gym debt are used towards this monthly payment. Currently, the Gym loan payments are funded entirely by special gifts – no combined budget monies are allocated for this loan payment for 2007.
What happens to the money I give the children for the little red schoolhouse?
All the money collected at Children’s story time goes to the BVAS worthy student fund. Once a year, at registration time, the finance committee reviews applications and distributes worthy student grants for the current school year. Allocations are made on a need vs income basis, and priority is given to Cloverdale church members. However, anyone is welcome and encouraged to apply.
Can I Donate to the church with a Credit Card?
YES! We can now accept credit card donations on-line through This is a free service for both the giver and the receiving church! Your on-line donations received through will appear together with your check/cash donations on your year end tax receipt.
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