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File Date Title
09/09/2017 You Raise Me Up: Marcia Whitehead Download
09/02/2017 The Intangible Force: Pastor Jason Download
08/26/2017 Worried Like Egypt: Pastor Troy Download
08/19/2017 True Light: Pastor Steve Download
08/12/2017 Searching for God: David Sturm Download
08/05/2017 Rising Above Egypt: Pastor Troy Download
07/29/2017 To be Young in Rome: Pastor Troy Download
07/22/2017 True Joy: Pastor Jason Download
07/15/2017 Farewell to Egypt: Pastor Troy Download
07/08/2017 Out of Egypt: Pastor Troy Download
07/01/2017 That You May be Filled: Cheryl Wiley Download
06/24/2017 Into Egypt: Pastor Troy Download
06/10/2017 Humility and Honor: Pastor Troy Download
06/03/2017 Humility and Happiness: Pastor Troy Download
05/27/2017 Becoming Friends with Jesus: Jim Ayer Download
05/27/2017 Yes, the same God of the Bible: Jim Ayer Download
05/20/2017 Humility and Holiness: Pastor Troy Download
05/13/2017 Mother to the Sons of Thunder: Pastor Troy Download
05/06/2017 BVAS: Church in a Bus Download
04/29/2017 Filled With Joy: Steve Echelmeier Download
04/22/2017 Spring and Harvest - Tabernacles: Pastor Troy Download
04/15/2017 Spring and Harvest - Winds: Pastor Troy Download
04/08/2017 Spring and Harvest - Seeds: Pastor Troy Download
04/01/2017 Spring and Harvest - Seasons: Pastor Troy Download
03/25/2017 To Be With You: Pastor Troy Download
03/18/2017 Bald Tires and Broken Windows: Pastor Troy Download
03/11/2017 Under God's Authority: Jason Williams Download
03/04/2017 Reconnecting Ministries Session 3: Paul Richardson Download
03/04/2017 Reconnecting Ministries Session 2: Paul Richardson Download
03/04/2017 Reconnecting Ministries Session1: Paul Richardson Download
03/04/2017 Indescribable Welcome Home: Paul Richardson Download
02/25/2017 Fear and Wonder III: Pastor Troy Download
02/18/2017 Fear & Wonder II: Pastor Troy Download
02/11/2017 Fear & Wonder: Pastor Troy Download
02/04/2017 4 Friends, $100 and Christmas: Karen Nicola Download
02/04/2017 A Ready Church: Karen Nicola Download
01/28/2017 Surviving or Thriving IV: Pastor Troy Download
01/21/2017 Surviving or Thriving III: Pastor Troy Download
01/14/2017 Surviving or Thriving II: Pastor Troy Download
01/07/2017 Surviving or Thriving 1: Pastor Troy Download
12/31/2016 The Salted Sacrifice: Pastor Steve Download
12/24/2016 God With Us: Pastor Jason Download
12/17/2016 Reign of the Prince: Pastor Troy Download
12/10/2016 Hope in a Prince: Pastor Troy Download
12/03/2016 Gem State Adventist Academy Christmas Program Download
11/26/2016 Joy at the End: Pastor Troy Download
11/19/2016 Joy at the Start: Pastor Troy Download
11/12/2016 Sacrificial Risk - Pathfinder Sabbath: Pastor Troy Download
11/05/2016 Sacrificial Risk: Pastor Troy Download
10/29/2016 Double-Bind: Jennifer Haagenson Download
10/22/2016 Reformation Sabbath: The Radicals Download
10/15/2016 Unreserved Risk: Pastor Troy Download
10/08/2016 Visionary Risk: Pastor Troy Download
10/01/2016 Leaving the Waterpot: Pastor Troy Download
09/24/2016 Finding the Light: Brad Peters Download
09/24/2016 The Addictive Personality: Cheri Peters Download
09/24/2016 Celebrating Life in Recovery: Cheri Peters Download
09/17/2016 The Sky's the Limit: Jaime Jorge Download
09/10/2016 Smoke to the Eyes: Pastor Troy Download
09/03/2016 War in Heaven - Allegiance: Pastor Troy Download
08/27/2016 War in Heaven - Association: Pastor Troy Download
08/20/2016 When Lightning Strikes More Than Twice: Fred Cornforth Download
08/13/2016 GPS: Tom Robinson Download
08/06/2016 War in Heaven - Anonymity: Pastor Troy Download
07/30/2016 Educating the Conscience: Jo Salts Download
07/23/2016 War in Heaven - Avenge: Pastor Troy Download
07/16/2016 War in Heaven - Aversion: Pastor Troy Download
07/09/2016 Faith of the Fallen: Frank Brannon Download
07/02/2016 War in Heaven - Authority: Pastor Troy Download
06/25/2016 War in Heaven - Angels: Pastor Troy Download
06/11/2016 Anticipation: Pastor Troy Download
06/04/2016 Lingering in Sodom: Pastor Troy Download
05/28/2016 I'm Right, I'm Wrong: Pastor Troy Download
05/21/2016 Church in a Bus: BVAS Download
05/14/2016 In Christ I Stand: Pastor Troy Download
05/07/2016 The Mother We Praise: Pastor Troy Download
04/30/2016 Security in an Age of Terror: Jere Webb Download
04/23/2016 Prone to Wander: Pastor Troy Download
04/16/2016 Diversity-The Vision of a Big Tent Adventism: Alden Thompson Download
04/16/2016 Change-The Scariest Word of All: Alden Thompson Download
04/16/2016 Jesus: Alden Thompson Download
04/16/2016 Escape from the Flames - EGW from Fear To Joy: Alden Thompson Download
04/23/2016 Some Things Never Change - But Some Things Do: Alden Thompson Download
04/15/2016 Behold it Was Very Good-But Then it All Turned Sour: Alden Thompson Download
04/09/2016 A Call to Worship the God of Genesis: Stan Hudson Download
04/08/2016 Dinosaurs and Dragons: Stan Hudson Download
04/02/2016 Itinerary Until That Day: Pastor Troy Download
03/26/2016 Itinerary on Resurrection Day: Pastor Troy Download
03/19/2016 Itinerary on Troubled Days: Pastor Troy Download
03/12/2016 Communion: Pastor Troy Download
03/05/2016 When God Says Go: Pastor Troy Download
02/27/2016 Breakthrough to Beautiful - David: Pastor Troy Download
02/20/2016 Kung Fu: Randy Jamison Download
02/13/2016 Breakthrough To Beautiful - Abigail: Pastor Troy and Jennifer Troy Download
02/06/2016 Breakthrough to Beautiful - Nabal: Pastor Troy Download
01/30/2016 Love Does: Shawna Benedict Download
01/23/2016 Growth: Steve Case Download
01/16/2016 One Plus Zero Equals Zero: Pastor Troy Download
01/09/2016 One: Pastor Troy Download
01/02/2016 Beginnings: Pastor Troy Download
12/26/2015 The Power of Light: Don Driver Download
12/19/2015 What Child is This?: Pastor Troy Download
12/12/2015 Gem State Adventist Academy Christmas Download
12/05/2015 Cloverdale Christmas Download
11/28/2015 Close to Christ - Where's the Compassion?: Pastor Troy Download
11/22/2015 20151121_CloseToChristWhoKnowsYou_PastorTroy.mp3 Download
11/14/2015 Close to Christ - Little Children: Pastor Troy Download
11/07/2015 Close to Christ - Do I Love the World?: Pastor Troy Download
10/31/2015 A Parental Nightmare: Jennifer Haagenson Download
10/24/2015 Reformation Sabbath Download
10/17/2015 Close to Christ - Shall we Love Less?: Pastor Troy Download
10/10/2015 Close to Christ - What Am I Missing?: Pastor Troy Download
10/03/2015 How do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways!: Steve Case Download
09/26/2015 Paradise in Heaven - The Glory: Pastor Troy Download
09/19/2015 Paradise in Heaven -The Privilege: Pastor Troy Download
09/12/2015 Paradise in Heaven -The Possession: Pastor Troy Download
09/05/2015 Paradise in Heaven - The Key: Pastor Troy Download
08/29/2015 The Mistaken Enemy - A Story of Two Gardens: Fred Cornforth Download
08/22/2015 Altruism is Life: Pastor Troy Download
08/15/2015 Soon It is Gone:Pastor Troy Download
08/08/2015 The Abundant Life: Marvin Thorman Download
08/01/2015 Spiritual Blowback: Pastor Troy Download
07/25/2015 The CAPITAL Letters: Ervin Furne Download
07/18/2015 Red Flag Warnings: Pastor Troy Download
07/11/2015 The Answer in Prayer: Pastor Troy Download
07/04/2015 The Silence of God: Tony Geddes Download
06/27/2015 Adventism - Pointless or Purposeful: Jere Webb Download
06/20/2015 The Grace in Prayer: Pastor Troy Download
06/06/2015 The Wonder In Prayer: Pastor Troy Download
05/30/2015 Freedom: Fred Cornforth Download
05/23/2015 Communion: Pastor Troy Download
05/16/2015 Boise Valley Adventist School Download
05/09/2015 Associated With a Godly Woman: Pastor Troy Download
05/02/2015 Window or Mirror? Pastor Troy Download
04/25/2015 Lost and Found: Steve Case Download
04/18/2015 Closed in on Ourselves: Pastor Troy Download
04/11/2015 Ambush at Hell's Gate: Pastor Troy Download
04/04/2015 Islam and Christianity: Tim Roosenberg Download
04/04/2015 Jesus IS Coming Again: Tim Roosenberg Download
03/28/2015 The Baptist - Bound Up: Pastor Troy Download
03/21/2015 The Baptist - Fire and Fans: Pastor Troy Download
03/14/2015 The Baptist - A Doubtful Beginning: Jennifer Haagenson Download
03/07/2015 The Baptist - Real Spiritual Life: Pastor Troy Download
02/28/2015 The Baptist - Brood of Vipers: Pastor Troy Download
02/21/2015 The Baptist - Sunrise: Pastor Troy Download
02/14/2015 When the Love is Gone: Pastor Troy Download
02/07/2015 Communion: Pastor Troy Download
01/31/2015 Decoration Or Declaration:Steve Echelmeier Download
01/24/2015 Where in the World is Jesus: Steve Case Download
01/17/2015 Thorns and Thrones: Pastor Troy Download
01/10/2015 It Shall Be Done: Pastor Troy Download
01/03/2015 The Unexpected Visitor: Pastor Troy Download
12/27/2014 The Second Star: Tom Robinson Download
12/20/2014 Dreaming of a Christ Christmas: Pastor Troy Download
12/13/2014 Christmas Program Download
12/06/2014 Only For a Moment: Pastor Troy Download
11/29/2014 God Is Joy: Pastor Troy Download
11/22/2014 An Act of Thanksgiving: Pastor Troy Download
11/15/2014 Dark Heart: Pastor Troy Download
11/08/2014 Reformation Download
11/01/2014 Red Roses Without Love: Jere Webb Download
10/25/2014 Is the Protest Over?: Pastor Troy Download
10/18/2014 The Guarantee: Pastor Troy Download
10/11/2014 Bread of Heaven: Pastor Troy Download
09/27/2014 Heaven's Ocean: Pastor Troy Download
09/20/2014 Rocks too Big to Move: Pastor Troy Download
09/13/2014 A Few Good Men: Steve Echelmeier Download
09/06/2014 Who's in Charge Around Here?: Steve Case Download
08/30/2014 Education Sabbath: Raul Castanon Download
08/23/2014 So What?: Jere Webb Download
08/16/2014 Join Me: Don Driver Download
08/09/2014 The Desert Bloom: Pastor Troy Download
08/02/2014 Rewriting the Bible: Tom Robinson Download
07/26/2014 Why?: Jere Webb Download
07/19/2014 Small C vs Big C: Ben Chon Download
07/12/2014 Spiritual MRI: Fred Cornforth Download
07/05/2014 Motivation to Speak: Don Driver Download
06/28/2014 The Pinnacle Of Reconciliation: Robbie Lane Download
06/21/2014 Motivation To Sin: Don Driver Download
06/07/2014 The Pilgrim Soul: Jennifer Matoske Download
05/31/2014 Oil Reserves: Steve Echelmeier Download
05/24/2014 God's "Foolish" Idea: Pastor Jim Download
05/17/2014 The Strangest Wedding of All: Jon McVay Download
05/10/2014 How Mom Knew More Than She Knew: Pastor Jim Download
05/03/2014 The Christian Paradox: Pastor Jim Download
04/26/2014 Lessons From Jericho: Gary Reinbold Download
04/19/2014 Aha!: Jere Webb Download
04/12/2014 Better Country: Pastor Jim Download
04/05/2014 Better Sacrifice: Pastor Jim Download
03/29/2014 Better Promises: Pastor Jim Download
03/22/2014 Better Covenant: Pastor Jim Download
03/15/2014 Better Hope: Pastor Jim Download
03/08/2014 Always Faithful: Lincoln Steed Download
03/01/2014 If God Can Use Me, He Can Use You: Jaime Jorge Download
02/22/2014 The Body Of Christ: Pastor Jim Download
02/15/2014 What The Blind Man Saw: Pastor Jim Download
02/08/2014 The Trouble With Truth: Pastor Jim Download
02/01/2014 A Forgotten Man: Pastor Jim Download
01/25/2014 Seeing People: Pastor Jim Download
01/18/2014 The Truth About Truth: Pastor Jim Download
01/11/2014 Two Pictures of God: Laura Wibberding Download
01/04/2014 Grace And Truth: Pastor Jim Download
12/28/2013 It Is No Secret: Robbie Lane Download
01/25/2014 An Awkward Blessing: Pastor Jim Download
12/14/2013 Cloverdale Christmas Program Download
11/30/2013 Why God Wants Your Money: Pastor Jim Download
11/23/2013 Love: Pastor Jim Download
11/16/2013 Living Proverbs: Gary Reinbold Download
11/09/2013 Hope: Pastor Jim Download
11/02/2013 Faith: Pastor Jim Download
10/26/2013 The Radicals: Laura Wibberding Download
10/19/2013 God's Propensity To Party: Pastor Jim Download
10/12/2013 In The Name Of...: Tommy Poole Download
10/05/2013 Ripples: Robbie Lane Download
09/28/2013 The Gift or the Giver: Pastor Jim Download
09/14/2013 Pushing God Forward: Pastor Jim Download
09/10/2013 Islam and Christianity Update - Part 2: Tim Roosenberg Download
09/09/2013 Islam and Christianity Update - Part 1: Tim Roosenberg Download
09/07/2013 Why Patience Stinks: Pastor Jim Download
08/31/2013 The God of Big Vision: Pastor Jim Download
08/24/2013 War of the Worlds: Fred Cornforth Download
08/17/2013 The First Great Commission: Pastor Jim Download
08/10/2013 In Giving, We Receive: David Prest Download
08/03/2013 What in the WORLD is God Doing?: Jere Webb Download
07/27/2013 The devil's Favorite Texts: Jere Webb Download
07/20/2013 A Relentless God: Pastor Jim Download
07/13/2013 The Warrior's Weakness: Pastor Jim Download
07/06/2013 A Godly Man of Blood: Pastor Jim Download
06/29/2013 God's off Script: Pastor Jim Download
06/22/2013 The Call of God: Pastor Jim Download
06/08/2013 Mary's Maker: Pastor Jim Download
06/01/2013 Gospel in a Nutshell: Ervin Furne Download
05/25/2013 Bathsheba's Bath: Pastor Jim Download
05/18/2013 Family Blessing Afternoon: Naomi Castro Download
05/18/2013 Family Blessing: Naomi Castro Download
05/11/2013 Ruth's Redemption: Pastor Jim Download
05/04/2013 Misguided Piety: Don Klinger Download
04/27/2013 Rahab's Ruse: Pastor Jim Download
04/20/2013 Tamar's Trouble: Pastor Jim Download
04/13/2013 Escape From Egypt: Pastor Jim Download
04/06/2013 The Servant: Pastor Jim Download
03/30/2013 The Sevens: Pastor Jim Download
03/24/2013 The Sign: Pastor Jim Download
03/16/2013 The Star: Pastor Jim Download
03/09/2013 The Seed: Pastor Jim Download
03/02/2013 It's Not Your Battle: Mike Tucker Download
03/01/2013 Mad About Marriage: The Tuckers Download
02/23/2013 On Change and Growth: Pastor Jim Download
02/16/2013 Indelible Ink: Tom Robinson Download
02/09/2013 God Has a Plan For Us: Gordon Pifher Download
02/02/2013 Thanksgiving In February: Jere Webb Download
01/26/2013 The Truth About Truth: Robbie Lane Download
01/05/2013 River Stones: Pastor Jim Download
12/29/2012 Counting The Blessings: Pastor Jim Download
12/22/2012 The Grinch Who Stole Christmas: Pastor Jim Download

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