Approach to Worship

Cloverdale Seventh-day Adventist church is intentional about worship; from the state of the art AV system to our well-practiced musicians to our preaching schedule to our team of worship directors. But, it is not expertise that makes worship special. Three core values direct our worship planning, bringing a richness that we think you will enjoy:

  1. Diversity: Every week is a blend of music styles and content and every week is a little different than the one before it. We want each worship experience to have something of deep meaning for every worshipper and for every person to experience an occasional week that inspires them more deeply. This diversity means that one week you might enjoy a southern gospel flare and a sermon in Bible costume; another week you might find yourself delighted with fine drumming and a sermon in blue jeans; and another week you might be moved by 16th century hymns on the organ and a sermon in suit and tie.
  2. Authenticity: Most of all, we want each worship service to be a natural outgrowth of contecting with God. Since each musician, preacher, and other participant relates to God differently, the service is richest when we let their experience guide them as they lead out. Such authenticity is served well by prizing diversity, and the diverse congregation is served well by prizing authenticity.
  3. Quality: Whatever a person brings to the music, sermon, kid's connection, introduction, or prayer should be well planned. We believe that valuing quality removes distractions from the worship experience. It also shows honor for the God we worship.
Visit soon and visit often to experience the breadth and depth of worshipping at Cloverdale!