"Adventism - Pointless or Purposeful?"


Since the 1950's and the publication of the book: "Questions on Doctrine" the Seventh-day Adventist Church has moved solidly into the Evangelical Christian Camp.  So the question for many has become:


1.  What is the point in being an Adventist?  Is it just a matter of going to church a day earlier than everyone else?


2.  There used to be more of a "uniform" for Adventist Christians - dress, behaviour, diet, etc. .  Not so anymore.  Even the beliefs of Adventist Christians are more divergent than they used to be.  Far less "uniformity."  Is that a good thing or bad?



3.  "Am I An Adventist?"  The initial issue of the brand new monthly Adventist Review in April 2015 featured this issue - "Identity Crisis."  By the way if you are not already a subscriber you can go to www.adventistreview.org and get a year's worth of great articles for 19.95!  That is a deal!



Bring your Bible - I would like to have you look up several very important texts with me!


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Friday - Sunday - June 26 - 28:  Join us for the 2nd annual
Cloverdale church campout at "Moore Fellowship Haven" in Cascade, ID. 
Last year we had 60 people camping for the weekend. 
We believe this year will be much bigger! 
You don't want to miss this weekend. 
More information to come...

Sunday afternoon:  Float the Boise River with picnic/BBQ.   July date TBA

We hope to see all of you and your friends at these exciting events!

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